ACCPA launches CHSP Advisory Hub to assist with Support at Home transition

Last updated on 28 February 2024

CHSP providers have a new resource hub to help them prepare for Support at Home. [Source: Shutterstock]

The peak body for the aged care industry, Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) has launched a new online advisory hub to support Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers as they prepare for the transition to the Support at Home program.

Key points

  • The Support at Home program is the Government’s new home care system which is designed to create a fairer and simpler system for older consumers
  • It will operate as one program instead of several, featuring a single assessment system, new classification levels and a new payment system where consumers receive a quarterly budget instead of providers directly receiving the funding
  • Recent changes to the reform timeline mean Home Care Packages (HCP) will transition to Support at Home from July 2025 while CHSP will follow no earlier than July 2027

The Government’s recent decision to implement a staged approach to Support at Home gives providers more opportunity and time to explore how their current business systems can be adjusted to suit the new payment arrangements. 

Feedback suggested that CHSP providers were among those requiring the most change, hence the staggered rollout to ease the pressure on the sector as a whole. 

With CHSP providers operating under the current home care system for at least three more years, there’s also ample time to adjust to the single assessment system that will be introduced from July 1, 2024.

While the Government itself is the first port of call for relevant Support at Home information, ACCPA’s CHSP Advisory Hub offers a range of practical services for providers seeking education, advice and tools. 

ACCPA acknowledges that each provider experiences different challenges and opportunities with the CHSP Advisory Hub designed for tailored support.

“Our new online CHSP Advisory Hub aims to equip CHSP providers with the knowledge, tools and strategies necessary to support planning for the changes between now and 2027,” ACCPA stated.

“We understand that each CHSP service provider has unique strengths, challenges and operational contexts, so we’ve ensured the CHSP Advisory Hub helps providers create tailored strategies to maximise their ability to work through the changes.

“As the aged care landscape undergoes transformative changes, CHSP providers across the nation are seeking support and collaboration where they can access reliable resources that speak to everyday practice and CHSP delivery considerations.”

The CHSP Advisory Hub includes several training and guidance resources, including webinars, downloadable guides and the following:

  • Tailored support: Providers can connect with dedicated CHSP advisors for personalised guidance in navigating any challenge or opportunity
  • Valuable resources: Easy access to a library of downloadable guides, templates, and tools to streamline your CHSP operations
  • Open access: The CHSP Advisory Hub welcomes every provider, offering essential resources and support for success
  • Clarity: Complex language and terminology are broken down into actionable insights relevant to your daily practice
  • Knowledge and awareness: You will receive regular updates on industry news, regulations and trends

More information on the CHSP Advisory Hub is available here.

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