Increase your knowledge of AI with these three training courses

Last updated on 26 July 2023

Marketing professionals are among those who can benefit from AI, but it’s essential to understand how the tool can and can’t help. [Source: Shutterstock]

As artificial intelligence creeps into the professional world, we’re seeing more potential for it to revolutionise sales, marketing and communications. Yet for all the talk of improved efficiency, decision-making and content creation, how can you maximise those outcomes without the experience?

By investing in training and education around AI, you can! Give yourself an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain the knowledge that will enable you and your team to successfully incorporate new AI technologies.

Executive training in AI governance and strategy

Where do you start with artificial intelligence? It’s a diverse tool with implications across the board, so a top-down approach is essential for any leader. Cannings Purple is one of the first Australian operators to offer a training course to give businesses the exact insight they need to harness generative AI while providing a strong oversight of the governance framework you can follow. 

Key learnings

  • Leaders and board members will discover how AI can maximise resources and benefit problem-solving and scenario-planning when introduced to workforce processes
  • Participants will recognise how generative AI differs from other forms of machine learning, helping to understand its full potential
  • Direct examples of where text and image-based AI are covered, offering real-world examples of the outcomes and implications
  • Legal and ethical considerations are explored to ensure you can effectively develop workplace policies on AI

What sets it apart

While we can all learn about AI through trial and error, there are few accessible resources to assist with the governance framework. Therefore, by giving yourself a deeper understanding of how to safeguard the use of AI within the workplace, you can create policies to protect staff using it. 

Artificial Intelligence for marketing

Artificial intelligence and marketing are running headfirst at one another, so it’s best to prepare yourself for the collision! Importantly, AI is not replacing traditional marketing, rather it’ll be another handy tool for professionals. RMIT’s Artificial Intelligence in Marketing will give your marketing professionals the opportunity to strengthen their skills and utilise AI’s true potential. 

Key learnings

  • The good and the bad of artificial intelligence and how to best manage its use for content creation and marketing 
  • How AI can assist with consumer relationships via website chatbot strategies 
  • Where automation for social media, email campaigns and consumer queries can benefit time-management outcomes
  • Relevant metrics for AI that’ll help strengthen financial planning and performance

What sets it apart

RMIT’s Artificial Intelligence in Marketing is delivered by industry experts, providing mentor-supported education for existing and emerging digital professionals. It’s a critical tool to help you take the next step in aged care marketing that’ll have you ahead of the AI curve. Consider it essential if you do want to streamline your marketing tactics.

ChatGPT and captivating copywriting 

One of the most talked about aspects of artificial intelligence has been the rise of ChatGPT, a search engine-like tool providing detailed answers on any topic. It’s a handy tool to help any writer. But for those who aren’t copywriting or AI experts, it pays to have a deeper understanding of how ChatGPT should and shouldn’t be used. That’s why you could benefit from the GhatGPT and Copywriting Training from Get There Content Services. 

Key learnings

  • Participants will learn how ChatGPT can be used to prompt compelling and insightful content
  • The benefits of unique content will be explored, providing a deeper understanding of where AI can help and where its limitations are
  • The best copywriting techniques that combine emotive content with AI-generated content for fast-paced content delivery
  • Clear insight into the versatility of copywriting and its benefits for advertising, blog posts, email campaigns and social media

What sets it apart

Anyone can use ChatGPT, but using it correctly takes experience. Participants can gain that experience no matter their background through this locally-made short course delivered by digital content writing trainer Simon Hillier. As a result, you won’t be prioritising AI over unique content, but rather learning how both can be combined for quality communication.

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