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Creek Solutions Pty Ltd is a small company that prides itself on helping our customers in the Aged and health industries improve their facilities in kitchen, laundry, and cleaning services. For 20 Years our dedicated approach has ensured hospitality is given a prominent position in the well-being of the residents. Catering: • Includes the development of nutritious menus, resident choice, and the dining experience. Includes the introduction of software to aid resident choice. Kitchen production: • Includes the methodology and work schedules as well as food safety management. Food Safety Programs: • Including developing the manual reflecting internal processes, all the required forms, internal auditing in preparedness for future NSW audits, and personal training. We also provide input for tablets and other auditing controls. Cleaning service • We work efficiently and restructured cleaning processes that ensures infection control is well managed. • We are an advocate for microfibre cleaning processes and have led the industry in Australia with contemporary practices that has ensured the financial benefits of the cost implementation outweigh the use of the cheaper throw-away or low-use cleaning cloths and mops. Laundry service: • Including the introduction of efficient practices that will lead to potential cost savings in a facility laundry. Linen and personal clothing are processed with production costs in mind and wastage of utility costs are minimized. The development of robust personal clothing laundering reduces lost items. WHS Processes: • Along with infection control are key components built into every section of Creek Solutions’ consulting services. Development of detailed risk assessments are presented to clients. Training: • Structured with aims and objectives in all components of hospitality. We see this as important as on-line programs as the participants can ask many questions to fully understand their responsibilities.