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Foxtel is a leading Australian subscription television company offering the world’s best content and entertainment technology for businesses.
We can provide the aged care industry with new and classic TV shows, movies, documentaries, live sport and more to keep residents entertained. Foxtel can help to create a more comfortable environment, reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety, spark fond memories and help residents feel more at home. And with over 20,000 hours of on demand movies and TV shows, there’s plenty for residents to watch, whenever they want to watch it.
We’ve also evolved our core technology to deliver an easy-to-manage, customisable platform that can provide residents with information about their home and activities available to them. The Business iQ platform allows you to add your company logo and imagery as well as up to 10 channels of your own content, for example, company promotional videos, wellbeing channels or audio stations. This is all done through an easy-to-use self-service online portal, so updating information is effortless.
The platform is built to run itself, requiring no operational maintenance. Should you need assistance, Foxtel offers remote support for the duration of your contract, along with lifetime warranty protection for both the hardware and software provided.
For a demo of Foxtel’s new Business iQ features, please contact us