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Health Generation is a contemporary consulting practice of over 40 industry experts supporting aged care providers with NQIP data mining and reporting, AN-ACC funding, compliance, advisory, clinical operations, skills and knowledge. We’re real people passionate about addressing real challenges in aged care service delivery. Our people work alongside your people to cultivate a robust and dynamic team of competent aged care professionals. Facilitating a culture of best practice and innovation, our clinical experts determine and guide interventions to mitigate risks to consumers, and effect systematic change to operations and policy to improve the consumer experience, achieve and maintain compliance, and avoid risk recurrence. Our methodical and proven strategies mean we don’t just fix a problem; we eliminate it at the source. Let Health Generation assist you with: - All requirements of the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program - Detailed needs analysis and accurate AN-ACC reclassification requests - Staffing levels and skills mix analysis - Plans for Continuous Improvement - Compliance auditing and assurance - Achieving and maintaining clinical compliance - Clinical oversight and Governance - Clinical care and management - Care planning and assessment reviews - Incident and risk management including sirs - Psychotropic use and behaviour support planning - Restrictive practices management - Infection prevention and control Contact one of our passionate Client Partners to discuss how Health Generation can help to position your residential or in home aged care service to deliver exceptional services at or on 1300909 916.
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