Enhancing aged care through expert consulting: Navigating challenges and innovations

Last updated on 22 May 2024

Few industries face the same levels of Government regulation or compliance as aged care does. It is a sector with intricate requirements and for good reason; providers have the uncompromising goal to provide the best possible care for older Australians.

The challenges aged care faces

The sector’s ongoing reform journey presents key challenges to navigate. The new Aged Care Act – set to be legislated in 2025 – is one of the biggest transformational challenges on the horizon. But that’s just another layer of what providers are working through.

The Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) funding model was introduced in late 2022 and still poses ongoing learning opportunities; 24/7 Registered Nurse (RN) requirements and RN care minute totals are both in play with the care minute totals to increase again from October 2024; and there are the compliance requirements from the Aged Care Quality Standards and Quality Indicators.

A common theme intertwined with the highlighted challenges is the nursing shortage and unmet care minutes that pose significant concerns for decision-makers in aged care. Recent Government data revealed that despite “historic levels of care” being provided, just one-third of providers actually achieve both their total and RN care minute targets.

Australia’s local nursing pipeline cannot provide enough nurses for the whole care economy. Aged care’s high demand for RNs is spurred on by 24/7 RN and RN care minute requirements, yet it’s competing with hospitals and clinical or acute care settings for high-quality nurses in a talent pool that’s just not deep enough. 

This is why rethinking your approach to AN-ACC funding, roster mixes and case-mix adjusted care minutes is essential. Understanding and adapting to a relatively new funding system is challenging, though. That’s why it’s never too early – or late – to call upon expert advice.

Call on the aged care consultancy experts.

Health Generation is a contemporary consulting practice led by a team of aged care experts with their fingers on the pulse of all aged care challenges and innovations. They understand what it takes to achieve all-round compliance, improve AN-ACC funding outcomes and maintain a capable workforce that delivers high-quality care.  

Through their aged care consulting and advisory services, providers can maximise funding and reduce agency costs in the pursuit of maximising care minute success. Bespoke in-person analysis, tailored strategies and long-term support for continuous improvement are all key features of Health Generation’s services.

Residential aged care providers who partner with Health Generation’s aged care consultants can unlock $20,000 in free nursing care; the equivalent of up to 30 free Registered Nurse shifts. 

“Since partnering with Health Generation, we have increased our funding by over $300,000 p.a whilst saving $20,000 in staffing costs. This has significantly improved our care quality. These 30 free RN shifts allowed us to focus more resources on our residents’ well-being. A true game-changer for our facility,” said a leading Sydney-based aged care CEO. 

These free minutes are a highly valuable resource on their own, yet it’s not the only benefit of Health Generation’s Free Minutes Campaign

The free RN shifts provide medium-term relief as their experts work with you to better understand Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) management models that will enhance your roster mix. Detailed aged care consultancy services will then provide critical insights into how and where operational efficiency and funding optimisation can be achieved. 

“Engaging with Health Generation for our AN-ACC claims led to outstanding results. The team was flexible, responsive, and considerate of our priorities, staff, and learning needs,” added a Queensland Health Director.

“Their consultant was professional, supportive, and non-judgemental, resulting in a fantastic outcome for our residents, staff, and organisation. We saw a financial benefit of 1800% of our initial investment – highly recommend considering Health Generation for your needs.”

Unlock your free nursing care today

It’s never easy adjusting to a new funding model or taking on major regulatory changes in-house with limited resources. Often you may miss seeing key areas of improvement, such as adjusting the resident classification balance to better suit the number of RNs you have access to. 

But if you are ready to uncover the innovative solutions available to you, embracing the services of a care consultant will bring in independent advice that will help you maximise resident care. 

Explore how you can achieve financial and clinical success thanks to Health Generation’s Free Minutes campaign by booking your free consultation with their expert aged care consultants.

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