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Last updated on 21 June 2023

SPONSORED – In the ever-busy aged care industry, organisation is paramount. Strained staff struggle to balance providing intensive resident care, maintaining exceptional hygiene, and running administrative services.

With resident care the most important focus, it is understandable how administrative tasks can be seen as a lower priority as they take personnel away from their primary purpose. The State of Work in Australia revealed that on average administrative tasks consume 14 hours or about two days every week1.

For many customers, the procurement of facility supplies often falls last on their to-do list. Whilst a necessary action, ordering these consumables and chemicals can feel like a chore in the way of completing their primary work. A survey of more than 250 residential aged care providers found that 92% of managers were doing more paperwork due to changing standards and practices in aged care2.

Restock is a company that understands the importance of convenience and simplicity in a sector riddled with time-sensitive tasks.

A leading supplier of medical, hospitality and cleaning consumables and chemicals, Restock stands out in the industry by driving innovation through facilitation of service. Restock pride themselves on more than just their quality products and competitive prices. They differentiate themselves by providing the highest quality of service.

The Restock healthcare team assists countless organisations in their ordering process, helping assess individual facility needs and coordinate their unique deliveries. The process can be entirely automated, meaning customers rest easy knowing their consumable and chemical products are sure to be delivered, not only on time, but to the necessary onsite locations, and safety stored to eliminate the need for any manual work from facility staff.

The aged care industry requires high levels of certification and reporting to maintain their vigilant operations. This applies to medical consumables and chemicals in particular. Restock provides an online hub where facilities and providers can access accreditation materials like product Safety Data Sheets in a few simple clicks. They also provide physical wall charts with easy to scan QR codes linking facilities to safety data at the click of a button. These access points keep records up-to-date and stress-free for everyone involved.

Not only that, Restock provides training to educate and empower facility staff. These training sessions range from placing orders to maintaining up-to-date records and upholding workplace safety standards.

Even when not in use, chemicals can pose the risk of injury or death if used or accessed improperly. Safe Work Australia recommend that the storage of chemicals be isolated from people and other work areas to reduce the risk and severity of any incidents3.

When delivering goods to site, delivery personnel take time to place items in the most appropriate and convenient spot. These access points are established between their delivery staff and client facility staff to make drop-off easy.

Restock wanted to distinguish itself from other suppliers – loathing the idea of simply dropping goods at reception and placing the onus on facility staff to relocate their items. They understand the fast-paced nature of the industry and know understaffing issues to be a challenge. By removing this additional step, precious and sometimes harmful chemicals and consumables are never left in common areas, eliminating residence to the exposure of such products.

In a heartbreaking 2014 case, a resident passed away after drinking undiluted ammonium-based sanitiser at an aged care facility in Queensland, which had been left in his room in error after cleaning services were completed4. This shows the extreme risk present in residential aged care facilities when chemicals are not stored and secured correctly.

Restock’s processes have been established thanks to insights and feedbacks from the industry, and their passion to relieve stress on the sector itself. Customer feedback is a key driver of innovation within the business, allowing Restock to establish a culture of continuous improvement. Restock consistently seeks to deepen their understanding of the needs and working environment of those in the sector.

The aged care sector attracts workers with a passion for delivering care and compassion to our elderly members of society. By removing the burden of unavoidable administrative work, we can streamline the clerical process at every opportunity and supports these essential workers in the delivery of their care.

One such example is that in the event of a stock or dispensing issue, Restock will remedy the issue most often within 24 hours, ensuring the facility is not left in the lurch. It is this passion for the industry and level of care that gives Restock its reliable and responsive name.

In a space where efficient and simple process are so highly valued, workers are forced to prioritise and make time for what matters most – delivering essential care to the older members of our community. Restock demonstrates what it means to be attuned to the needs of your industry and to conduct business with compassion at the forefront.

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