Unlock Hidden AN-ACC Funding Opportunities: Don’t Miss Out for Your Aged Care Facility

Last updated on 13 June 2024

Health Generation consultants work with aged care facility decision-makers to maximise AN-ACC funding. [Supplied]

Many aged care facilities in Australia believe they’ve maximised their AN-ACC funding, yet substantial amounts often remain untapped. In a dynamic aged care landscape, fully utilising AN-ACC funding can significantly enhance your facility’s financial health. 

Here’s how aged care facilities can uncover hidden funding opportunities and leverage them to improve operations and care quality.

Understanding AN-ACC Funding: The Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) funding model is designed to allocate resources based on individual care needs. Key elements include comprehensive assessments and ongoing reviews to ensure funding aligns with the care provided. 

Staying informed about recent changes and updates to the AN-ACC model is crucial for maximising funding.

Identifying Hidden Funding Opportunities: Many facilities miss out on additional funding due to incomplete assessments or outdated documentation. Regular evaluations of each resident’s needs are essential. 

Key areas to focus on include:

Detailed Assessments: Ensure all health conditions and care needs are thoroughly documented.

Regular Reassessments: Schedule periodic reviews to update care plans and funding claims.

Training Staff: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to accurately assess and document care needs.

Strategies to Maximise AN-ACC Funding

Implementing these strategies can help uncover hidden funding:

Consultancy Services: Partner with aged care consultants like Health Generation to gain expert insights and guidance.

Comprehensive Staff Training: Regularly train staff on the latest assessment techniques and documentation requirements.

Utilise Technology: Adopt software solutions for efficient record-keeping and reporting. While many facilities rely solely on software, Health Generation’s approach combines technology with expertise, often uncovering over $100,000 to more than $1 million in additional funding for aged care homes.

The Role of Health Generation in Enhancing Funding Efficiency

Health Generation specialises in helping aged care facilities navigate the complexities of AN-ACC funding. Their services include:

Expert Advice: Providing tailored recommendations to optimise funding claims, ensuring that facilities receive the maximum possible funding.

Training Programs: Offering workshops and training sessions designed to enhance staff competency. These programs focus on accurately identifying and documenting resident care needs, leading to increased funding.

Health Generation has a proven track record of success. For example, Adrian from St Catherine’s shared his experience: 

“Health Generation’s proactive approach and comprehensive reviews resulted in an uplift of $260K per annum from the first review and an additional $199K per annum from the second review. Our care staff have greatly benefited from the quality education provided, gaining confidence in identifying and documenting resident changes for AN-ACC uplift purposes.”

Maximising AN-ACC funding opportunities is vital for the financial health of aged care facilities. By reassessing current strategies and seeking expert consultancy, facilities can uncover hidden opportunities and secure additional resources. 

Contact Health Generation today to explore how their services can help you achieve financial efficiency and enhanced care.

Visit Health Generation to Unlock your Complimentary Aged Care Standards Roadmap Session and claim your free consultation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise your AN-ACC funding and improve your facility’s operations.

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