SPC Care is the dedicated nutritional health care division of SPC. SPC Care aims to meet the unique and diverse nutritional needs of vulnerable individuals and the health care organisations, institutions and carers that look after them. SPC Care was formed in 2021 and has established a leadership position in the provision of nutritious, innovative, and affordable food into the healthcare sector through its ownership of The Good Meal Co (Frozen Meals) and SPC ProVital (Functional Foods). The Good Meal Co (GMC) is passionate about food. With manufacturing facilities in Sydney, GMC boasts a market leading menu of frozen meals coupled with a range of soups and desserts. Catering to all consumer requirements (Vegetarian, Vegan, Texture Modified, etc.) the vast GMC menu aims to satisfy an array of dietary and nutritional requirements. GMC takes pride in the responsibility of servicing numerous Home Care and NDIS participants with their unique consumption and home delivery requirements. Reach out to our Customer Service Team (CST) based in Sydney to take your order today: 1800 155 255. SPC ProVital is the functional foods brand of SPC Care and is manufactured in Shepparton, Victoria. SPC ProVital has been developed in consultation with healthcare professionals to provide high quality, safe and accessible nutritional solutions built on the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables to support healthy living. SPC ProVital’s range includes A10 cans, single-serve fruit snack cups, and juices available in 2.9L, 1 litre Tetra Pak and portion control.