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Last updated on 21 June 2023

A rapidly ageing population and the pressure this will put on our aged care services is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry, says Lite n’ Easy National Business Development Manager for Home Care, Sarah Simeon.

SPONSORED – Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that by 2051 nearly one quarter of the population will be 65 years or older, and around 5 percent will be 85 years or older. This is in contrast to 2015 data, which shows Australians 65 years and older account for approximately 15.1% of the population.

This increase in demand for aged care services will put an already strained system under greater stress, unless major steps are taken to improve efficiency, capacity, and quality for the long term.

Lite n’ Easy strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these changes and use industry insights to drive business strategy & forward thinking; underlying a deeper commitment to the aged care industry.

The Lite n’ Easy My Choice range of meals was developed off the back of nutritional research into the changing needs of older Australians and direct consumer feedback. Lite n’ Easy customers were finding the standard dinner meal too large to finish in one sitting, leading to some customers leaving the protein portion on the plate.

Lite n’ Easy recognised the need to keep older Australians healthy and safe at home and the opportunity to design a meal range that met the nutritional needs of older Australians but in a smaller portion size, making them easier to finish and enjoy.

The My Choices range has been developed by Lite n’ Easy’s team of dieticians and chefs, in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and in consultation with the Meals on Wheels National Meal Guidelines, to provide optimal nutrition for older populations, with no compromise on quality or taste.

Says Sarah, “Nutrition is at the heart of everything we do. Our qualified team of dieticians and chefs have developed an outstanding product in My Choice; a range of delicious, protein and energy-dense meals that taste great and promote better health and independence.” “Protein is important as we age because it supports maintenance of muscle mass, which helps keep us strong” she continues.

The My Choice range of dinners have been well accepted by Lite n’ Easy customers. A recent customer survey reported a significant increase to their nutritional intake, with more than 90% of elderly customers reporting they can finish an entire My Choice meal compared to only 56% eating a larger portion that contained equivalent energy and protein. Customer satisfaction for this range is also very high, with customers enjoying the flavour and eating experience.

With more older Australians wanting to remain in their own homes, Home Care services are becoming more common and more important. Lite n’ Easy has relationships with more than 850 Home Care Package providers in Australia, making Lite n’ Easy meals an accessible and affordable choice for many.

Making their service accessible to all is one of the highest priorities for Lite n’ Easy, says Sarah. “The Lite n’ Easy website is visually appealing and user-friendly and many of our customers place their orders online, however we do find our older clientele prefer to call and speak to a real person” she says.

Lite n’ Easy has 5 Australian-based call centres with more than 150 consultants who receive up to 8000 ordering calls per week from home care package clients who enjoy the human interaction and opportunity for a chat. Says Sarah “Our consultants take the time to talk with our clients, asking how they are and sharing a joke. We are providing that invaluable human interaction that can alleviate feelings of loneliness and social isolation”.

Lite n’ Easy are passionate and deeply committed in driving their aged care business by delivering the highest standards of service and continually seek opportunities to make a positive impact. Lite n’ Easy recently submitted a response to the federal government’s discussion paper: a new program for in-home aged care. The brand focused on recommendations to government and how Lite n’ Easy can immediately assist in keeping elderly Australians at home for longer.

Lite n’ Easy can assist residential aged care providers also. As one of the largest and best equipped meal manufacturers in Australia, Lite n’ Easy offers a high quality and cost-effective meal solution for all aged care providers including smaller facilities where the costs of running and staffing in-house kitchens may no longer be economical.

Lite n’ Easy is a proven leader in innovation through food, nutrition and dietetics research and food manufacturing economies of scale.

It is this level of commitment that sets Lite n’ Easy apart from many other pre-prepared meal providers and cements their position as a business that cares about the success of the aged care sector for the long term.

Learn more about Lite n’ Easy here.

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